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Hartke introduces enhanced HyDrive HD bass cabinets

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Laura  Barnes
Hartke introduces enhanced HyDrive HD bass cabinets

The new range features four models with carefully crafted paper/aluminium hybrid cone drivers.

Ten years ago, Hartke introduced the HyDrive Series Bass Cabinets, which featured a brand-new type of speaker that combined paper and aluminium into a single speaker cone. This patented new design was celebrated for faithfully reproducing the sound of bass guitars without coloring the tone.

To celebrate HyDrive’s 10th anniversary, Hartke has introduced the HyDrive HD Series Bass Cabinets – a major update to the HyDrive design.

HyDrive speakers feature carefully crafted paper/aluminium hybrid cone drivers. The hybrid makeup delivers an exceptional blend of warmth and attack that cannot be attained by traditional all-paper bass speakers. The outside curved, Kevlar-loaded paper cone delivers a smooth, even response with a deep tone, while the inner straight, anodised aluminium cone produces highly accurate, distortion-free output.

The new double-roll, curvilinear surround limits the drivers from over excursion, while providing a smooth mid-band response. The result is a clean, full tone with the clear fundamentals of each note, as well as natural overtones for further defined sound.

The updated and optimised ferrite magnet assembly and steel chassis design deliver a maximum power-to-weight ratio to each of the HyDrive HD cabinets. In addition, the enclosures themselves are constructed of high-quality plywood with extensive bracing and dado joints, making them rigid, yet lightweight for superior projection and true sonic clarity.

The HyDrive HD bass cabinet range features the following four models:

– HD112: 12" paper/aluminium driver, 300W RMS, $399.99
– HD115: 15" paper/aluminium driver, 500W RMS, $599.99
– HD210: 2 x 10" paper/aluminium drivers, 500W RMS, $499.99  
– HD410: 4 x 10" paper/aluminium drivers, 1000W RMS, $699.99

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