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GHS introduces coated Bajo Quinto strings

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GHS Strings


GHS Strings

Daniel Gumble
GHS introduces coated Bajo Quinto strings

Bajo Quinto ‘Cuerdas Negras’

This black coated range is being introduced as a direct result of the demand from players for coloured strings.

New strings available now.

The Mexican Bajo Quinto looks like an oversized acoustic guitar: it’s five pairs of double steel strings are played with a pick, with the emphasis on the bass strings.

Often paired with the accordion in Tex-Mex, Conjunto and Norteño music styles, the instrument is currently enjoying a revival, with GHS one of only a few companies offering strings for the bajo.  

The black coated Bajo Quinto, ‘Cuerdas Negras’ are being introduced as a direct result of the demand from players for colored strings. These stainless steel strings are manufactured in a strict quality control environment to provide long life and tone. They are made with Loop Ends with Lock Twist to give the best possible tuning and tension. As with the Stainless Steel Bajo Quinto string, they have a heavy core wire,  which is designed to provide strength and volume.

The set comes with the following gauges: 024/024 036/036 046/046 062/30 078/036. Plus, a sixth pair is available to purchase for Bajo Sexto players in 46/92 gauges.

To find out more about these and other bajo strings (GHS Stainless Steel Bajo Quinto, Phosphor Bronze Bajo Quinto), visit


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