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Furch updates Little Jane travel guitar with new neck design

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Furch updates Little Jane travel guitar with new neck design

The new design is much more resistant to wear during assembly and disassembly.

Furch Guitars has updated its popular Little Jane travel guitar with a revamped neck-joint connector design.

The new neck-joint features a routed fastener with components made from aerospace aluminium, improving rigidity.

The Little Jane travel guitar features a patented assembly system, allowing the guitar to be easily and quickly assembled into a full-fledged instrument. Likewise, the instrument can be simply disassembled into a compact form, and stored in backpack-sized bag, making it very easy and convenient to travel with.

The main component of the assembly system is a robust fastener, which securely attaches the removable neck to the guitar's body. This component, formerly made of cast metal, has been replaced with a redesigned CNC-routed fastener, which includes parts made from aircraft grade aluminium and high-quality stainless steel. The new design is much more resistant to wear during assembly and disassembly.

Another unique feature of the Little Jane is an opening in the left side of the instrument. The opening primarily serves for the secure storage of the removable neck during transport. However, it also enhances the guitar's acoustic response because it delivers sound with a surprising clarity and volume straight to the player's ears.

Thanks to Furch’s locking machine heads, the guitar stays in tune when reassembled; all that might be necessary is fine-tuning individual strings. The Little Jane travel guitar is made from all-solid woods and features a red cedar top, African mahogany back and sides, and artificial tortoise binding. This combination allows the instrument to produce a full, rich, and balanced musical sound across the entire sonic spectrum.

The Little Jane is sold with no electronics, but upon request, Furch Guitars can deliver it with the LR Baggs Element Active System with volume and tone controls (EAS-VTC).

The Little Jane's outstanding quality and durability are evidenced by two occasions on which the guitar traveled to the Himalayas to keep company to Czech mountain climber Lukáš Krejcí. He played the guitar during several days in the Manaslu base camp (4,870 m.a.s.l.) and subsequently below the Larkya La pass (4,920 m.a.s.l.), where the instrument was exposed to temperatures below -10 °C. The highest point where the guitar made it while traveling through the Himalayas was the Larkya La pass itself (5,260 m.a.s.l.), where temperatures dropped to as low as -20 °C. Despite the harsh conditions and extreme weather fluctuations, Lukáš's Little Jane sustained no damage and lost none of its fine acoustic qualities.

Apart from the Himalayas, the Little Jane earned fame in Baku, Azerbaijan, where it starred in the Youthvision 2017 International Song Contest.

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