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Fiedler Audio's Stage now available from Plugin Alliance

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Laura  Barnes
Fiedler Audio's Stage now available from Plugin Alliance

Stage offers detailed acoustic enhancement in one easy-to-use plugin.

Plugin Alliance has announced the availability of Stage – new software from fiedler audio that utilises sophisticated spatial processing techniques to take a good mix or master and make it better.

By using sophisticated stereo panning, delay lines, and phase modulation, Stage smoothly serves up what would otherwise require routing schemes of a complex nature and multiple plugins to achieve.

As such, Stage waves goodbye to copying tracks and setting up the Haas effect delay – when a sound is followed by another sound separated by a sufficiently short time delay (below the listener’s echo threshold) – or panning stereo tracks within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) while using another plugin to control stereo width.

“By bringing these tried and tested techniques under one virtual roof, stage enables efficient stereo workflow with maximum flexibility and accuracy… all of which yield greater perceived width with new levels of musical clarity,” says the makers of Stage.

“With Stage, stereo imaging is fatter without sacrificing dynamic range, and individual tracks can be positioned with extreme precision — perfect for instantly intensifying substance and adding tactility to the user’s sound.”

Stage is available for purchase – as an AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plugin for Mac OS X, Windows, and Pro Tools – exclusively from Plugin Alliance for an introductory promo price of $99 until August 31, 2017, rising to $179 thereafter.

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