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Electro-Harmonix introduces the Hot Wax Dual Overdrive pedal

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Laura  Barnes
Electro-Harmonix introduces the Hot Wax Dual Overdrive pedal

The new pedal works with either guitar or bass.

Electro-Harmonix has combined its Crayon and Hot Tubes overdrives to form the brand new Hot Wax Dual Overdrive pedal.

Designed to work with either guitar or bass, the power pedal lets musicians use each overdrive individually or stack them, with the Crayon driving the Hot Tubes.

Blend control lets you blend in your dry signal, which is especially useful on bass guitar. There’s also a Master EQ section featuring Bass and Treble for increased tonal control and flexibility.

With quiet pop-free foot switching, the new pedal comes with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA PSU.

The Electro-Harmonix Hot Wax Dual Overdrive peal has an RRP of $111.70.

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