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EarthQuaker Devices introduces the Data Corrupter pedal

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Laura  Barnes
EarthQuaker Devices introduces the Data Corrupter pedal

The new pedal is available now from distributor ADG with an RRP of £225.

EarthQuaker Devices has introduced the Data Corrupter – a new modulated PPL (phase-locked loop) harmoniser pedal.

The pedal takes your input signal and brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone. That signal is then multiplied, divided and modulated to create a harmonically complex, expressive and touch-responsive analog synth tone up to three octaves below, or above, the original signal, plus additional harmonies.

The central nervous system at the heart of the Data Corrupter’s hive mind is the Master Oscillator. The Master Oscillator’s “Root” (the octave of which is selectable via a three-position rotary switch) adjusts the frequency range and tracking response of the input signal, which is then synthesised and harmonised by one of eight Master Oscillator programs, adjustable by an eight-way rotary switch.

From there, the Frequency Modulator applies pitch-bend modulation to the Master Oscillator. In Glide mode, you’ll hear a smooth portamento as each note slides into the next. In Vibrato mode the pitch modulates up and down for a retro sci-fi laser effect.

The Subharmonic assimilates the input signal into one of eight lower octave programs between one and three octaves below the original. For a more stable lower octave, set the Subharmonic’s Root switch to the Unison position, which divides the Square Wave input signal, and removes the Frequency Modulator from the Subharmonic signal path.

EarthQuaker Devices’ Data Corrupter pedal is available now from distributor ADG with an RRP of £225.

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