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DW releases ultra thin aluminum snare

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Jory Mackay
DW's latest aluminum collector's serie snare

The latest addition to the DW Collector’s Series snares features an ultra-thin 1mm rolled aluminum shell.

Drum Workshop has recently added a new offering to its DW Collector Series snare drum line.

The new snare features an ultra-thin 1mm rolled aluminum shell - a feature that the company claims provides a more resonant tone with more overtones than their thinker rolled-shell cousins.

“We used to have a limited edition thin black nickel over brass [snare]. It was so popular we added it to the line. Then, we came out with stainless steel, and that was really well received. After that, our version of a Titanium drum. By this time, we figured that there is a market for both thin shells and the thicker cast-type shells we had been offering for years, so we’ve decided to have a little of both,” explains DW executive vice president and drum designer, John Good. “Now we have aluminum. It’s a really nice drum, warmer than brass and just enough metallic sound to cut and the sensitivity is really nice, too!”

The snare comes in both 5.5x14” and 6.5x14” sizes and is finished with a matte grey powder coat with rolled bearing edges and snare beds. The custom shop drum comes standard with chrome hardware and features such as the MAG throw-off system with 3 position butt-plate, true tone snare wires, true pitch stainless steel tension rods, 3.0mm steel true hoops and DW heads by Remo USA.

RRP for the 5.5x14” model is $661.99, while the 6.5x14” model goes for $692.99.


The drum manufacturer has also announced upgrades to its flagship line of DW 9000 bass drum pedals.

Among the improvements to the new 9000 pedals are a tri-pivot toe clamp that includes three self-adjusting rubber-coated pads that securely anchors the pedal to a variety of bass drum counter hoop sizes; an EZ-adjust infinite cam that allows drummers to change from an accelerator to turbo cam, or anywhere inbetween, with the twist of a drum key; and a non- skid rubber pad under the base plate designed for wood floors, carpet and other playing surfaces.

“Like all of our DW pedals, it can be a challenge to upgrade features or functionality, because these pedals are so universally accepted within the industry," says DW director of research and development, Rich Sikra. "We have to be careful not to change things up too much. Drummers are so comfortable with the feel and reliability, we have to make sure the changes we make are essential improvements. I think we’ve successfully accomplished that with the new 9000s; all of the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. We’re excited to get these new pedals into drummer’s hands, or should I say, feet?”

9002 pedals come standard with a free, upgraded ballistic nylon pedal case and all DW pedals include a limited 5 year warranty.

The 9000 series single pedal retails for $499.99 and the 9002 double version retails for $966.99.

Visit DW’s website for more information.


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