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Dialog Audio unveils Modulation Processor 3244 plug-in

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Laura  Barnes
Dialog Audio unveils Modulation Processor 3244 plug-in

Modulation Processor 3244 can be used to modulate soft synths and audio plug-ins within the host DAW.

Plug-in enables classic synths and analogue modular systems to be easily integrated into present-day production environments.

Dialog Audio has announced the availability of a new plug-in featuring a number of low frequency oscillators, slop generators and envelope generators.

The Modulation Processor 3244 is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP or higher. It is designed to specifically synchronise and modulate hardware synthesizer parameters from within a digital audio workstation host application.

The plug-in provides three LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), two slope generators, and four envelope generator. The modular structure of Modulation Processor 3244 allows adventurous users to tailor miscellaneous modulation signals to suit their hardware setup, so classic synthesizers and analogue modular systems can be flawlessly integrated into present-day production environments alongside more modern instruments via various connections.

Synthesizers equipped with MIDI inputs can be modulated via MIDI CC (Continuous Controller) or SysEx (System Exclusive) messages. Moreover, modulate any analogue synth capable of receiving CV (Control Voltage) signals simply by patching spare outputs from an audio interface – if appropriate – to the synth’s CV inputs and generating high-resolution audio rate CV modulation. Alternatively, a MIDI-to-CV convertor can be used.

Owners of software-only setups need not feel left out of the picture for Modulation Processor 3244 can also be pressed into service to modulate soft synths and audio plug-ins within the host DAW to provide extended modulation possibilities.

“Needing to get a filter to modulate synchronised via SysEx from a host application was the basic idea behind its development,” revealed company founder Julian McDole.

Modulation Processor 3244 can be bought directly from Dialog Audio. For more information visit


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