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Bitwig Studio 2 gets global launch

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Laura  Barnes
Bitwig Studio 2 gets global launch

Bitwig Studio 2 comes with 25 new modulators, better hardware integrations and support for VST3.

Music production software Bitwig Studio 2 has launched globally on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Released in 2014, Bitwig Studio 1 was the first music production software to combine linear and non-linear sequencing on all three computer platforms. It combined cutting-edge technologies like plug-in crash protection and a highly flexible user interface, alongside a lightning-fast workflow experience for keyboard, mouse and touch screens.

“From the start, the idea of modularity has been central to Bitwig Studio. While digital audio workstations (DAWs) aren’t known for taking a modular approach, creating Bitwig Studio from the ground up allowed us to rethink previous assumptions,” said the software makers. “This led us to focus not just on individual devices but on strengthening the ways they interact with and support one another.”

Within the Bitwig Studio 1 cycle the concepts of Nested Device Chains as well as Modulator Devices made it already one of the most flexible DAWs in the industry. In Bitwig Studio 2 the modularity concept has been developed further.

The entire modulation system has been reworked and Bitwig has also refined all other areas of the Bitwig Studio workflow.

Bitwig Studio 2 comes with 25 new modulators, from standard modulators like envelopes and LFOs to more unique modulator types, like Random, Select-4 and Math.

Each device in Bitwig Studio 2 (internal devices and external plug-ins) has individual modulation slots where an unlimited number of modulators can be added and assigned to any number of parameters. Furthermore, the Modulators can also be interconnected for truly dynamic and expressive sound design possibilities. When using internal Bitwig instruments, many modulators can be set to polyphonic mode, enabling per-voice modulation – something  previously seen only in closed systems.

The new studio also features an expanded devices section, better hardware integration and the introduction of fades and crossfades for audio clips not only in the arranger timeline but also audio editor.

Studio 2 also supports the VST3 plug-in standard, comes with controller API improvements and features a new menu system.

Pricing is as follows:

– Upgrade from Bitwig Studio 1 to Bitwig Studio 2 MAP: 159 EUR
– Bitwig Studio 2 MAP: 379 EUR
– Renewal of upgrade plan after 12 months: 159 EUR

Bitwig Studio 2 is available from selected retailers worldwide and at


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