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Array of new MXR pedals available from Westside Distribution

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Laura  Barnes
Array of new MXR pedals available from Westside Distribution

The MXR Double-Double Overdrive comes in a road-ready housing with true bypass switching.

New range includes the Shin-Juku Drive – made in collaboration with Japan’s most celebrated pedal designer Shin Suzuki.

Westside Distribution has added the new MXR pedal range to its portfolio of products, due for release in November.

Four new pedals have been introduced, the first of which is the Double-Double Overdrive.

The MXR Double-Double Overdrive serves up two classic overdrives in a single housing. Changing between the two is as simple as a flick of the Lo/Hi switch: the Low Gain circuit belts out rich, fiery midrange tones while the High Gain circuit kicks up the gain and emphasises highs and lows.

Use the Treble and Bass controls to season your overdriven sound, and then crank the Level and Drive controls to turn the heat up to your liking. The MXR Double-Double Overdrive comes in a road-ready housing with true bypass switching. It has an RRP of £129.99.


Next up is the Dyna Comp Compressor. Like the Phase 90, this little red gem is a legend among its kind. The pedals produced in the mid-’70s are particularly prized for their unique sound and performance. 

The Script Dyna Comp Compressor combines that old school sound with a couple of upgrades for modern gigging convenience. Spec’d from the firm’s own 1976 Dyna Comp Compressor, this pedal is built around the rare CA3080 "metal can" integrated circuit (IC), which yields quieter operation, greater transparency, and increased dynamic range.

Thanks to its bypass status LED and AC power jack, you can put this pedal right on your board without worrying about whether the pedal is on or about to lose power.

The Script Dyna Comp Compressor has an RRP of £134.99.


Next we have the Phase 95, which combines the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits in a mini housing with about half the footprint of a standard MXR pedal. 

The 45/90 switch toggles between the Phase 45 mode’s subtle two-stage phasing and the Phase 90 mode’s more pronounced four-stage phasing, while the “Script” switch toggles between two phasing styles.

The Phase 95 is set to modern style phasing by default, which relies on feedback to create light harmonic distortion and gives the effect a more accentuated swoosh. Engaging the Script switch removes feedback for a lusher, more subdued sound with higher headroom and greater clarity. The familiar Speed control sets the rate of the effect.

The Phase 95 comes with a £106.99 price tag


Last but not least MXR has introduced the Shin-Juku Drive, which delivers legendary boutique amp tones right from your pedalboard.

The MXR Custom Shop design team worked with Shin Suzuki, Japan’s most celebrated amp tech and pedal designer, to capture the sound of one of the rarest and most sought-after amps ever made. Shin used his intimate knowledge of said amplifier to create a pedal that provides smooth, wide open overdrive with tons of sustain and incredibly fast response time to every playing detail.

The Shin-Juku Drive’s simple three-knob interface allows you to call up a wide range of sounds, from an organic boost to full on grinding overdrive. At lower gain settings, this pedal works amazingly as an “always on” tonal sweetener. Pushing the Dark switch cuts high frequencies for a darker, mellower sound.

The Shin-Juku Drive features true bypass switching and an RRP of £133.99.

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