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AKG reveals new mic and headphones

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Microphone and headphones




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Daniel Gumble
AKG reveals new mic and headphones

New AKG lines

Both the C7 mic and K872 headphones will be released in June 2016.

New launches made ahead of Musikmesse 2016 show.

AKG has revealed its new C7 reference condenser mic and flagship K872 reference headphones.

The C7 microphone features a super-cardioid polar pattern throughout and comes with specially engineered circuitry and custom designed components to deliver clear sound without feedback, handling sounds and pop noise.

“The C7 microphone is ideal for vocalists seeking an even higher level of performance on stage,” said Noel Larson, Retail Solutions, Harman Professional Solutions. “While it delivers the pure, clear sound of a condenser microphone, it’s designed to prevent feedback, handling and pop noise —making it as easy to use as its dynamic counterparts.”

The AKG C7 is due to arrive in the UK in June 2016 with a price yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the firm has also lifted the lid on its new flagship closed-back K872 reference headphones. Designed for audio engineers and musicians, the headphones are suitable for critical recording, mixing, mastering and live sound engineering applications.

Featuring custom components including a specially engineered 53mm transducer, ultra-light open-mesh headband, slow-retention foam ear pads and a convenient carrying case/stand, the K872 combines optimum sound quality with maximum comfort and portability.

“The AKG K872 headphones leverage innovative driver design, along with superior mechanical and acoustic technologies to deliver superb response, exceptional comfort and long-lasting reliability,” said Peter Chaikin, Recording Solutions, Harman Professional Solutions. “These remarkable headphones illustrate our continual commitment to industry-leading performance and quality.”

The AKG K872 headphones are due to ship in the UK in June 2016 with a price yet to be confirmed.

For more information on either of these products visit or call 01462 480000.


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