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Adam Hall brings Palmer EINS to the UK

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Adam Hall - 01702 613922

Jory Mackay
Palmer EINS

The new Palmer EINS one-watt guitar amp head.

With the recent popularity of low-wattage amps, Adam Hall is set to release the Palmer EINS amp in the UK.

Sneaking into retailers the week before Christmas, Adam Hall is releasing the Palmer EINS low-powered guitar amp in the UK 17th December.

With the EINS, Palmer presents an all-tube amp head with an output of one watt. The pure Class-A design provides rich overtones, harmonic power stage distortion, responsive dynamics and soft compression. The preamp is built around an ECC83 with the power stage uses an ECC82 in single-ended operation.

"Small amps are 'in,' but many are inconsistent in terms of circuitry. We wanted to develop a small but noble and pure tube amp," says Palmer product manager Robin Henlich. "In addition to the all-tube circuitry, the amp also offers a speaker simulated out (which uses the same sound module as the PDI09), a high impedance out (the amp can be connected directly to the input of another amp), 8- and 16-ohm speaker outputs, and a built-in load.”

The amp’s controls have been kept to a minimum with the only controls on the front panel between the input and the power switch/control light being the volume and tone controls and a boost switch for adding extra gain.

The rear panel features a Euro power socket and 8- and 16-ohm speaker outputs. A speaker simulation output makes it possible to input the EINS straight into a mixing desk or sound card without connecting the amp to speakers while a unique ‘high-impedance output’ makes it possible to connect the EINS to another amplifier or use it as a preamp with separate power amps. It can even be integrated in a pedal board and used via a looper as an overdrive/distortion effect.

For additional information visit Adam Hall’s website.


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