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Yamaha Silent Series awarded international Quiet Mark

Jory Mackay
Yamaha Silent Series awarded international Quiet Mark

Yamaha's range of silent pianos, strings, brass and guitars as well as its DTX electronic drums have been awarded the international Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society.

Quiet Mark is a non-profit making charitable arm of the Noise Abatement Society that was set up in the 1960s and awards international marks of approval for quiet design technology.

The award comes after extensive testing and assessing of the silent range by a team of leading UK acousticians.

The Yamaha Silent Piano series was awarded for its silent mode, which allows pianists to practice on a 'real' piano with a traditional action but is only audible through headphones. The Silent String Series of cellos, violas and violins won because their amplification and playback via headphone enables them to be played at much reduced levels.
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The entire Yamaha SIlent Guitar range was also awarded the Quiet Mark thanks to their internal amplification and headphone playback as well as the instruments' design, which features the removal of the majority of the instrument body, further reducing the acoustic output. 

Finally, the Silent Brass instruments, which feature sealed practice mutes containing a small microphone connected to an amplifier for listening via headphones, and the DTX electronic drum range with its Textured Cellular Silicone pads were both awarded.

Poppy Elliot, managing director of Quiet Mark commented: "This is an amazing achievement for Yamaha. They are one of a growing number of manufacturers who understand the benefits of producing quieter products; benefits not only for communities but also for the companies themselves, as the development of quiet products  responds to an expanding marketing demand."


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