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WATCH: Musician creates synthesizer/violin hybrid called the Modulin

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: Musician creates synthesizer/violin hybrid called the Modulin

Martin Molin from Swedish band Wintergatan has unveiled a new DIY musical instrument called the Modulin.

The impressive looking instrument is a modular synthesizer that can be held and played in a similar fashion to a violin, hence the name ‘the Modulin’.

Players can control the pitch of the instrument with their right hand, and by transposing the Modulin, users are able to play any key, making this piece of kit quite versatile.

The left hand is used to turn a modulation wheel to control volume, letting you create some dynamic Theremin-esque sounds. To add to the spookiness of sound, the neck of the Modulin has a pressure sensor so you can wobble notes.
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The instrument is fitted with an ADSR module, giving the player an abundance of options to play around with when created some unique sounds.

Molin goes into a lot more detail about how the Modulin is constructed, as well as performing some impressive covers, in the video below:

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