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Producer Chris Tsangarides joins the Vintage guitars family

Jory Mackay
Producer Chris Tsangarides joins the Vintage guitars family

The award-winning producer, who has worked with everyone form Gary Moore to Judas Priest has signed on as a Vintage guitar endorser.

Tsangarides is best known for his work with heavy-metal acts like Anvil, Thin Lizzy, Yngwie Malmsteen and Helloween but has also worked with pop and alternative acts ranging from Depeche Mode to Tom Jones.

"I first became aware of Vintage guitars due to the Wilkinson pickups they use. I have a band on my label called Snakewater, and Bobby the guitar player came in with a Vintage Icon V100MRJBM model," said Tsangarides. "It really surprised me that such an affordable instrument sounded so great!"

He is currently working with the Quireboys on their new album, where he has been using the band's guitarist and Vintage endorser Paul Guerin's Vintage Icon V52MRBS and V100MRPGM Lemon Drop. Tsangarides also uses a Vintage ReIssued V60TA in his own band Exmore, which features ex-members of British Heavy Metal outfit More.
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