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Oyster claims sales boost for Guitar Buyer & Drummer mags

Gary Cooper
Oyster claims sales boost for Guitar Buyer & Drummer mags

Oyster House Media, which last year acquired Drummer and Guitar Buyer magazines from Graham Butterworth's Davenport Publishing , is claiming a considerable circulation boost since the takeover. According to Oyster, Drummer Magazine's shop sales have recorded a 25% increase, while Guitar Buyer's shop sales have shown an increase of 29%, which Oyster attributes to its rebranding/relaunch exercise.

The reported increases come in the face of what has been one of the toughest markets for consumer publishing in recent years and the recent closure of SOS's Performing Musician.

Commenting on OHM's future plans for these magazines, Oyster's MD, Hugo Montgomery-Swan, said: "Our continued aim is to deliver the finest quality we can in terms of the four music titles we currently publish and I'm satisfied that Drummer and Guitar Buyer now equal Acoustic and Bass Guitar Magazine as regards their design and quality of production. We do have exciting plans for these titles which we will be revealing progressively over the course of the next 12 months."

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