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NFC tracking introduced for musical instruments

Daniel Gumble
NFC tracking introduced for musical instruments

Musical instrument owners can now track their instruments via a new NFC (Near Field Communication) platform.

The new Re-Ad Info technology from platform and developer FinnCode allows owners of instruments to track their history and help protect them against theft.

According to NFC World, all new Giuletti accordions will be shipping with the Re-Ad Info tracking technology; something that FinnCode is hoping will become standard for all instruments in the future.

Manufacturers using Re-Ad Info can equip their products with an NFC tag and a QR code, which connect the instrument with an online database, which is used to store an authenticity certificate and guarantee details. The instrument’s records can then be updated by authorized users, including owners and dealers, who can keep a diary of the instruments usage, as well as add photos and additional pieces of information.
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"It has always been possible to buy instruments used by famous musicians, but now you can read about musicians' own experiences and know the history of your instrument in a completely new, intimate way," commented FinnCode co-founder Jari Salmela.

Meanwhile, FinnCode also believes that the technology can help protect against theft, with owners able to report their instrument stolen online. 

"This makes it considerably more difficult to sell the instrument, as its potential buyer can easily see if it's stolen," a company spokesperson explains. "This also makes it easier to track down stolen instruments, since every time the instrument's NFC tag is read, it can be located and the information can then be sent to the police."
The firm’s next plan is to make the service compatible with all accordions, before rolling it out across more instruments, such as pianos and guitars, in the future.

"We wish to become an industry standard, so that every person buying a valuable musical instrument in the future would instantly expect it to be compatible with our service," Salmela concluded.

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