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New Kingsbury performance academy to offer unique tailored courses

Laura  Barnes
New Kingsbury performance academy to offer unique tailored courses

Revival Live UK is launching a new vocal and performance academy in Kingsbury on March 18th.

Riverside Studios plans to become a hub for performers to learn new skills and develop their talents.

The studio believes that TV talent shows like X-Factor, The Voice and Strictly Come Dancing have increased demand from a new generation of aspiring performers, for professional tuition to help them achieve their dreams.

Revival Live UK director, Katie Ashby, a professional with more than 25 years’ experience of performing, producing and coaching, commented: “I started at theatre school, with training from the age of two and this strong foundation helped me succeed in what is a very competitive market. It’s why I’m so passionate about giving others the best start towards realising their ambitions.
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“Riverside Studios will become a performance hub, where anyone with an interest in the performing arts can come to learn new skills or develop their existing talents; regardless of their age, ability or aspirations.

“Our vocal classes will be taught by some of the industry’s most respected artistes, who all have extensive experience performing and teaching. It’s this vast knowledge gained from years working within the business that will make a difference to those who want to improve their singing.

The facilities will also host dance and fitness course and lessons. And Riverside believes that it has a unique way of teaching students that sets it apart from many other performance academies.

“What makes us different is that our students will shape their learning, not the teachers,” said Ashby. “We will set out the courses for our students to follow, but they will be tailored to suit their own personal goals, something that typical ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes cannot cater for.

“Whilst some will come for fun, those pursuing an academic path can be helped through each step towards exams and for professionals looking to polish their performance, we’ll help develop their act and audition techniques.

“Overnight sensations receive a lot of attention, but in truth to be a success in the entertainment industry requires a lot of hard work and years of learning different styles and techniques to shape you as an artiste.

“This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way, which is why Riverside Studios is the perfect place to come if you’re passionate about performance.”

Riverside Studios will be open for business from 18th March, which will be followed by an open week of activities, including a selection of free dance and fitness classes, as well as group vocal sessions.

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