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MUSIKMESSE 2013: Roland unveils new digital pianos and V-accordions

Jory Mackay
MUSIKMESSE 2013: Roland unveils new digital pianos and V-accordions

The final Musikmesse new product announcement from Roland includes two new digital pianos and a new flagship V-accordion.

The FP-50 and FP-80 digital pianos are the newest additions to the popular FP series of portable digital pianos and feature 88-note ivory feel keyboards, superNATURAL piano sounds and onboard rhythm accompaniments with advanced full-keyboard chord recognition.

The FP-80’s Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement features the same progressive hammer action and escapement found in Roland’s top-line pianos, plus keys that replicate the appearance, texture, and moisture absorbing properties of real ivory.

The more affordable FP-50 is outfitted with the Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement, which also features a progressive hammer action and an authentic ivory feel.
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The onboard rhythms cover styles ranging from jazz to rock and feature backing instruments and drums to create a full-band sound while the full-keyboard chord recognition means the accompaniment follows chords played anywhere on the keyboard.

Both digital pianos offer dynamic sound from built-in stereo speaker systems with the FP-80 equipped with Roland's Acoustic Projection technology, which adds an additional speaker pair for extra depth and dimension.

New flagship V-Accordion models

The FR-8x (piano-type) and FR-8xb (button-type) V-Accordions are the firm's new flagship digital accordions and are loaded with new features including Dynamic Bellows Behaviour technology, onboard battery charging, new sounds and effects and a built-in looper.

The all-new Dynamic Bellows Behaviour technology is designed to deliver a playing response identical to an acoustic accordion by adjusting the air transfer in the bellows in real time depending on the selected register and the number of notes played.

Both instruments are equipped with traditional accordion sounds as well as over 180 orchestra and percussion sounds, Roland's Virtual Tone Wheel organs and feature four multi-effects engines with dedicated effects for Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2 and Orchestra Chord sections.

The FR-8's new user interface is more powerful and easier to use, with a large colour display and dedicated buttons including three programmable chin switches, which let players control a variety of functions without lifting their hands off of the keyboard. 1400 user program memories allow players to save custom settings for every performing situation.

One of the most exciting additions to the FR-8 is the onboard looper, which provides the ability to record and overdub accordion performances. The MP3/WAV song player lets users play along with pre-recorded tracks for practice and live backing via optional USB memory.

More layering and zone setup options are now possible in the right-hand keyboard modes with the ability to play up to four tones at once, while left-hand keyboard modes now include layering options as well.

The FR-8xb is equipped with a completely redesigned button-type keyboard, using a piston-style mechanism that is similar to an acoustic button-type accordion. In addition, the buttons are made with a synthetic pearl material for a professional look and feel.

All of Roland's new products will be viewable at Hall 5.0 booth B38 and Hall 4.1 booth C75 at this year's Musikmesse.

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