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MUSIKMESSE 2012: Albion presents GulfStream range

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Albion presents GulfStream range

Albion Amplification has unveiled the GulfStream range of 15 and 30-Watt valve heads, combos and cabinets.

The series consists of six models – GS15C (15W 1x12” combo), GS15H (15W head), GLS112 (1x12” cabinet). GS30C (30W 2x12” combo), GS30H (30W head) and GLS410 (4x10” cabinet) – with more due to follow in the near future.

The first three models (pictured) feature Preamp Gain, Voicing Switch, Gain Switch, Channel Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble EQ, Tremolo Depth, Tremolo Speed, Reverb Depth, Presence and Output Level controls, a Reverb and Tremolo footswitch jack (footswitch supplied), as well as output jacks with an eight and 16 Ohm impedance switch.

The Voicing switch gives the amps a bass cut similar to a Vox AC30 Top Boost channel when the switch is up and it adds bottom and top-end similar to a Bassman/JTM45 front end voice when down.

The Gain switch changes it from a classic two-tube V/F/M type preamp to a high gain circuit based on the 25/50 Jubilee amps. The EQ circuit is a modified version of the 25/50's EQ and the Output Level control includes a frequency compensated voicing circuit that enables the sound to maintain the tonal integrity at any level from 10 per cent to 100 per cent power level.

The GS30 models are twin channel. Channel A is distinctly American in its voicing and has two switchable voices. Channel B – like the GS15 – has two voicing and two gain options.  

Controls on channel A (Normal) include Preamp Volume, Voice Switch and Tone. Turning down the Tone control warms it up for blues and jazzy sounds. Channel B (Boost) incorporates the same channel as the GS15, but with slight 'EQ’ing' to suit the higher power output and speaker system. The Master section incorporates individual Reverb controls for each channel. Also, on the back panel is the footswitchable Series FX Loop.

These versatile, yet easy-to-control amps are ideal for guitar players seeking flexibility and simplicity. All the units have a built-in Accutronics digital reverb and bias modulating Tremolo. Tubes are 3x12AX7 and Tungsol 6V6GT output tubes (two in the GS15, four in the GS30).

Albion Amplification is available in the UK through IAG UK.
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