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Marshall amps launches own record label

Laura  Barnes
Marshall amps launches own record label

Marshall Amplification has revealed that it is launching its very own rock record label.

Respected producer Rob Cass and veteran music biz executive Steve Tannett will head up Marshall Records.

The British guitar amp manufacture told MI Pro sister title Music Week that Marshall Records plans to sign new and heritage acts “vowing to develop artists into global stars”.

This isn’t the first time the iconic amp maker has attempted to move into a new field of business.
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In July 2015, the firm caught the attention of both the music and the tech industry with the surprise launch of a new smartphone.

Dubbed the Marshall London, the smartphone was primarily aimed at music fans, and featured two front-facing speakers, two audio outputs so that users can cue and mix music in headphones while playing the track through a speaker, dual headphone inputs for two pairs of headphones, a dedicated ‘M” button providing instant access to music and a gold-accented scroll wheel.

The device was met with mostly lukewarm reviews, with many tech sites applauding it for focusing on music fans, but feeling like this first iteration of the smartphone was a bit of an experiment.

There also seemed to be an issue with the specs-to-price ratio with the device costing near flagship prices (£399), but with relatively low-end specs of a 720p LCD screen, Snapdragon 410 and 2GB of RAM.

Marshall Records has yet to announce any signings, so let’s hope it makes a bigger impression that the smartphone did.

You can read Music Week’s world exclusive Marshall interview here.

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