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INTERVIEW: Could the MOD Duo change the pedalboard as we know it?

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: Could the MOD Duo change the pedalboard as we know it?

A few weeks back we featured the MOD Duo in our new Crowdfunding Corner, which aims to shine a light on up and coming MI instruments and devices.

MOD Devices says its MOD Duo is ‘every stomp box for every instrument’.

It puts hundreds of music pedals into just one little box. You won't have to buy a new pedal every time you want to experiment or even just to see how they'll sound – you'll download them all, for free, directly from the MOD's interface.

You can create, load and share virtual pedalboards to achieve any tone that you can imagine – and download anyone else’s shared pedalboards in a few seconds.
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We wanted to find out more about this digital device that promises to enable musicians to create endless virtual pedalboards, so MI Pro editor Laura Barnes caught up with MOD Devices co-founder Alexandre Cunha, to find out if the Duo could change the pedalboard as we know it…

What does the MOD duo do?

The MOD Duo allows any musician to carry a single, cheap, portable multi-function device that can substitute most of the audio-effect equipment used nowadays.
Here are some of the things the device enables:
1) Install high-quality audio apps – effects, synths, loopers – from the cloud
2) Combine and arrange apps to create virtual pedalboards by using a friendly and intuitive, but very powerful UI (user interface)
3) Share and load pedalboards with/from others
4) Access the device from a browser to install plugins and create pedalboards
5) Extend your performance by connecting peripherals (footswitch extension, express pedalboard, etc.)

How did the idea come about?

CEO and founder Gianfranco Ceccolini has played guitar since 1989 and has always been crazy about effects and all the pedals available. Buying all the desired pedals is not an option and the so-called multi-effects devices are far from fulfilling this desire that is common to many musicians.

Not only that, but the growth as a musician, sometimes even changing instruments, always leads to new needs and consequent abandonment of the possessed gear.  

On top of all that, the different places a musician plays normally requires an additional amount of equipment that varies from place to place (recording studio, rehearsal space, live venues and study rooms).

Our product acts as a Swiss-army-knife for musicians, being able to be used in just about any occasion with whatever instrument. Musicians love it!

Is there anything else on the market like it?

MOD Duo exists in a gap where nobody has a product just like it. We're the only ones making a digital device allowing users to install more plugins from the cloud and providing an easy to use UI.

The competitors are a combination of stomp boxes of multi-effect pedals, which end up failing to fulfill one's desire for a single device that does it all.

On the other side there are computers that are highly flexible and powerful but lack the form factor for live playing and are extremely expensive. None of those products allow users to easily share their work and that's why the MOD Duo is so disruptive.

How important is a platform like Kickstarter for new MI brands?

It is very important. It allowed us to launch an idea and test early adopters’ acceptance before putting more effort into the engineering. There is a live community that constantly contributes to your project to make it better.

Are you looking for distribution and/or retail partners? If so, how should they get in touch?

Yes, send an email to

What’s next for the firm?

We have a lot of work to do. We have plans to release commercial plugins done by professional audio developers and companies. We will release more peripherals that extend the Duo's capabilities and a new product is already being worked on, which will be bringing even more to the musical world.

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