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Entire Edinburgh Piano Company stock up for auction this weekend

Daniel Gumble
Entire Edinburgh Piano Company stock up for auction this weekend

The Edinburgh Piano Company is holding a one-off showroom clearance auction this weekend, after owner James Cameron announced his retirement.

Taking place on Sunday, February 14th, the firm will be auctioning off its entire stock (approximately 90 models), including display, eh-hire and trade-in pianos. The sale will include Bosendorfers, Steinways, Bluthners, Yamahas and more.

Prices will range from £100 to £40,000.

The company was founded by Cameron in the early ‘80s and has supplied pianos to an impressive array of musicians over the years, including Van Morrison, Luciano Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra.
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Speaking to the BBC, Cameron said: "I'm looking forward to retiring, I enjoyed the piano business very much for many years but there comes a time when you want to move on and do something else.

"There’s more or less 90 pianos left. We just kept the stock up and kept the business going and then finally I decided to retire. There was nobody else prepared to take on the business - it's a big commitment."

Sean McIlroy, director of specialist auctioneers Piano Auctions Limited, added: "For us, this is really different - it's going to be a very special sale.

"Normally, you wouldn't have a piano dealer retiring and selling his entire stock by auction. What we have got here is beginner pianos from £300 right the way up to professional instruments at £30,000 to £40,000.

"There are many, many great makes here as well as everyday pianos for beginners, so there is something here for everyone.

"We've had interest from as far afield as China, America, Israel and across Europe, as well as piano dealers in the UK and a lot of private buyers looking for that perfect instrument for themselves."

Click here for full details of the auction.

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