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Drummers attempt new record for MS charity

Ronnie Dungan
Drummers attempt new record for MS charity

Drummers and celebrities will gather in Manchester in an attempt to create a new world record for the largest drumming ensemble, to raise money for The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Stick it to MS is an event that will see hundreds of drummers attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest full drum kit ensemble. This involves drummers on full drum kits playing a set drum beat, in time with each other, for five minutes. At SITMS 2009 a Guinness World Record was set by 582 drummers at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. The event raised £66,315 for The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society and won MS Fundraiser of the Year in 2010. It also received a huge amount of mainstream television and newspaper coverage. SITMS 2012 will attempt to break its own current world record with a target of over 800 drummers.
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The event will take place on Sunday 15th of July 2012 and will be held at EventCity in Manchester. It is sponsored by Natal Drums (Marshall Amplification) and will feature a whole host of celebrities together with drummers from Natal’s artist roster. 

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