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COMMENT: United we stand

Ronnie Dungan
COMMENT: United we stand

Who’s the biggest MI retailer in the UK? You might only have one shop but, in fact, it could be you. But only if you’re part of the new Euromusic collective. The merger with Rocktronic is great news for the independent trade and it’s a real step in the right direction to have one strong buying group. It can be a lifeline for a lot of independent stores. I’ve seen the difference a strong, well run, buying group can make in other sectors and it can have a huge influence on the market and how suppliers deal with independents.
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The whole point of a buying collective is that its strength comes from its numbers, so the more members the more clout it will have. It would be just as welcome if the new group had been Rocktronic instead. The name matters not. The important part is the unification.Suppliers that claim to support the independent sector now have the perfect opportunity to do just that. A buying group can be about much more than better margins it can also help those shops who might struggle with in-store marketing and display or even product selection. Some retailers won’t appreciate a high level of involvement, but others will welcome it. The important thing is that Euromusic is able to offer that choice. This could be a great opportunity for the indie sector. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

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