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Mesa Boogie introduces new Rosette acoustic amp series

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Laura  Barnes
Mesa Boogie introduces new Rosette acoustic amp series

The new acoustic amp is available as a Combo or DI Preamplifier.

Mesa/Boogie has unveiled a new acoustic amplifier series featuring the Rosette 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic combo.

“Few can deny the intrinsic beauty of Acoustic Instruments. The visual beauty of the Tonewoods, curvaceous shapes with elegant lines and delicate artwork of inlay all in harmonious interplay with a pure sound unique to stringed instruments. It is this purity in sound that we set out to capture in the Rosette Acoustic Amplification Series,” explained the firm.

The Rosette line is a dedicated acoustic instrument platform designed not just for acoustic guitars, but also for mandolin, ukulele, violin/fiddle, dulcimer, cello, upright bass and other uniquely acoustic instruments.

Professional features n the amp include optimised channel specific XLR and ¼” inputs. Optimised input circuitry addresses common tone degradation issues associated with compromised dual-purpose circuits fed by universal combo jacks, standard on many acoustic amplifiers today.

The 4-Band EQ Section provides the same degree of shaping power found in upscale recording or live sound consoles. Separate LOW and HIGH semi-parametric MID Bands allow specific control over a wide range of frequencies.

The on-board Effects Suite includes three effects choices: ROOM REVERB, HALL REVERB and REVERB AND CHORUS. PARAMETER Controls provide unique adjustment of specific effect functions in each of the three modes.

The new acoustic amp is available as the Rosette 300 / Two:Eight Combo or Rosette Acoustic DI Preamplifier.

The Combo has an RRP of £1,350, while the DI Preamp will cost £299.

The new series is available via Westside Distribution.


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