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Audified launches second-generation STA Effects plug-ins

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Laura  Barnes
Audified launches second-generation STA Effects plug-ins

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has also been given a major makeover with Retina support.

STA Effects includes an all-new delay function offering control over tempo, decay, stereo and more.

Audio effects developer Audified has launched a new version of STA Effects – a bundle of new and improved summing tube processing plug-ins based around its proprietary Summing Tube Amplifier (STA) technology.

The namesake STA technology that the original and second-generation STA Effects bundle of summing tube processing plug-ins both benefit from uses two signal paths, one being processed by modulation or spectral change while the other remains unprocessed. Those two signals are mixed via vacuum tube circuitry models, making more ordinary-sounding effects like flanging or phasing sound extraordinary with some unique and warm characteristics.

On that very note, all six second-gen STA Effects plug-ins – including an all-new STA Delay addition with control over TEMPO, DECAY, STEREO, PING PONG, HPF (Hi-Pass Filter), and LPF (Low-Pass Filter) parameters – have improved algorithms.

The easy-to-use delay shares a number of STA controls with its bundled STA Chorus, STA Enhancer, STA Flanger, STA Phaser, and STA Preamp plug-in partners – namely, LEVEL IN/LEVEL OUT (calibrated to provide saturation at a level of -9 dBFR, corresponding to 0 dBVU on the meters), WET ONLY (mutes the dry signal before the STA circuit), SATURATION (drives the modelled tube circuitry into saturation), Sync (host application tempo-synchronisation settings), METERS (switches between metering the input and output stages of the plug-in), and BYPASS (turns off the effects processing).

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has also been given a major makeover with Retina support.

“The digital audio world tends to be very accurate and overly calculated nowadays,” commented Audified marketing director Jakub Turecek.

“The lack of technical errors can lead to sterility in contemporary music production, so STA Effects represent the perfect combination of both worlds. They are an exact simulation of vintage valve circuitry’s characteristic behaviour, so bring more life to mixes.”

All six STA Effects plug-ins are available to purchase as a bundle for $129 from Audified. STA Delay and STA Preamp can be bought separately for $49 each.

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