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20th Apr 2017 - 22nd Apr 2017

Location: Berlin
Venue: FEZ Berlin

The annual European trade fair dedicated to electronic musical instruments will be taking place from April 20th to 22nd at FEZ - Berlin.

This will be the second SUPERBOOTH show, which promises to also be a cultural event with concerts, workshops, "Gesprächskonzerten" (performance/talks), providing insights into the world of electronic music and the panel discussion SOOPER talk.

Performers at this year’s show include trained trumpet player Colin Benders, Frank Bretschneider, Schneider TM, Alec Empire, T.Raumschmiere, Matt Didemus (Junior Boys), Jay Ahern, Skinnerbox, the Teichmann Brothers, Gudrun Gut, Ströme (formerly laBrassBanda), Mouse on Mars and more.

This year will have significantly more space dedicated to women that creating electronic music. After the SOOPERtalk, two thirds of the nightly program is female-cast. Daily at 1:30pm basic courses by and for women are taking place at the Eve Lounge, with Jessica Kert of SchneidersLaden defining the principles of subtractive synthesis. Every day there will be female musicians as guests to explain examples of usage on location.

During all three evenings from 8-9pm guests will address importance community issues. The event plans to investigate the social position we take as a group of creative, and there promises to be a very interesting speech by a special surprise special guest on the first night.

The second evening is devoted entirely to ‘creation’ and is hosted by Jens Uthoff of taz.

Binding bookings for the DIY workshops are now available and limited to 16 participants each. The cost for participation in the DIY workshops depends on individual construction kit prices.

All other workshops throughout the day may be reserved with your standard visitor ticket as long as places are available.

A live stream running from 12am to 12pm will be provided for absent but interested parties.