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Guitar Starter Packs

Jory Mackay
Falcon starter kit

Electric or acoustic, there are a number of value for money guitar starter packs on the market. Here’s what’s on offer right now…

The guitar starter pack is an absolute staple of any good MI shop.

Electric or acoustic, there are a number of value for money guitar starter packs on the market. Here’s what’s on offer right now…


01342 331711

Fender has a number of starter packs based around its Stratocaster model and has also launched its first Telecaster pack.

The Affinity Series Strat with Fender Frontman 10-watt 10G Amp comes with electronic tuner, instructional DVD, gig bag, cable, strap and picks.

It is available in Black and Brown Sunburst, and features three single-coil pickups on a classic single-ply white pickguard,  bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, skirted white control knobs and a new gold-and-black Squier headstock logo.

The Squier Affinity Series Strat HSS guitar, comes with a 15-watt Fender G-DEC Junior amp plus instructional DVD, gig bag, cable, strap and picks. It is available in Brown Sunburst and Candy Apple Red, and features a humbucking bridge pickup, sparkling single-coil neck and middle pickups on a classic three-ply black/white/black pickguard, bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, skirted black control knobs and a new gold-and-black Squier headstock logo. The G-DEC Junior amp features 16 amp types, 15 effects presets, 15 drum/bass/accompaniment loops (with patterns in rock, blues, jazz, metal, country, Latin, hip-hop and other styles), 8” Special Design speaker, metronome, key selector and adjustable tempo controls, separate volume controls for guitar and backing loops, built-in E-tuner, easy MIDI computer connectivity, auxiliary input and headphone jack.

The Affinity HSS Strat is also available with a Fender Frontman 15G amp.

The Squier Telecaster pack includes a 15-watt Fender Frontman 15G amp, electronic tuner, instructional DVD, gig bag, cable, strap and picks. It’s available in Butterscotch Blonde with single-ply black pickguard and Brown Sunburst with a three-ply black/white/black pickguard, and features two single-coil pickups, bolt-on maple neck and a new gold-and-black Squier headstock logo.

The Fender Frontman 15G amp features dual channels (Normal and Drive), adjustable gain control and the usual volume, treble and bass controls.



01483 238720

Aria’s STG-003 comes with an AG-10 Guitar Amp, Guitar Bag, Strap, Cable, Pick (Medium and Heavy) and is available in a variety of colours - Three Tone Sunburst (3TS), Black (BK), Metallic Blue (MBL) and Candy Apple (CA).



Westside 0141 248 4812

The Schecter SGR Starter pack is new for 2012.  The SGR is Schecter’s entry level guitar. Inside the pack is an SGR Sunset guitar in black, SGR 10T 10-watt amp with tuner, Schecter gig back strap and strings. There’s also an instrument cable and picks at an RRP of £229.



01908 366700

Yamaha has bundled its THR5 mini-amp with its Pacifica 311 guitar. The guitar has the look and feel of its 611 model and features custom-wound pick-ups and a tonewood body. The five-watt THR amp features Yamaha’s Virtual Circuitry Modeling which mimics tube tone plus Extended Stereo Technology for hi-fi stereo audio playback. It also comes with a copy of  Steinberg Cubase recording software and a stand.



01536 461234

Peavey’s Raptor Stage Pack starter kits feature a triple-pickup Raptor guitar and a Backstage amp plus DVD, gig bag, strap, cable, digital tuner, an assortment of picks and an extra string set.

Included in Peavey raptor Stage Pack for an RRP of £189.



JHS 0113 286 5381

The Trevor Wilkinson-designed Encore guitar line has both acoustic and electric guitars in starter bundles.

The 7/8 size double cutaway E5 electric guitar package features a battery-powered mini amp and accessories for £139 (RRP). Also available for smaller hands are the Encore E375 3/4 Size Electric Guitar packs (£195 RRP) in pink or Gloss Black finishes including a Kinsman 10-Watt amp, Qwik Tune tuner, Kinsman carry bag, Kinsman guitar stand, lead, Guitar Tech guitar strap, Encore tutorial DVD, a spare set of strings, a plectrum and UK tutor listings.

For full-size starters, Encore provides a range of classic models – with all the accessories listed above – including the single-cutaway, twin humbucker-equipped E99 (available in Cherry Sunburst and Gloss Black for £249), the classic single cutaway bolt-on neck E2 (available in a Sunburst or Gloss Black, pack for £199), the double cutaway pointed horned E69 (available in a Cherry Red or Gloss Black pack for £245) and the double cutaway, three single-coiled E6 (available in Gloss Black, Sunburst, Red, Vintage White and Blue for £209).

Encore also has acoustic starter packs, with a range of classical, nylon-stringed packs from £62.99 (RRP) to £89.99, including tutorial DVDs and cases. There are also steel-strung acoustic and electro-acoustic packs from £109 (RRP) to £135 in a range of finishes, including strap, DVD, pitch pipe, plectrum and bag.


Falcon Guitars

JHS 0113 286 5381

Falcon offers electric guitar starter packs featuring the Falcon FC30OFT guitar (available in Red or Black with a  double cutaway, solid contoured body and three single-coiled pickups), with the £145 (RRP) pack including a 10W amplifier with?overdrive control, carry bag, strap, cable, plectrum and Encore tuition DVD.



01737 240226

The SX range features acoustic, electro-acoustic and electric guitars designed for beginners.

The acoustic range features D model and small body guitar kits as well as electro-acoustic guitar kits with amps.

In the electric range there are SC, TC, LP and SG models as well as bass guitars. These are available as kits with amps or as guitar only at affordable prices. SX electric guitar packs contain everything needed to start learning the electric guitar -  an amp and cable, as well as a gig bag, guitar strap, tuner, picks and DVD tutor

The SX Strat Guitar Kit has a solid alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. With three single coil pickups, a vintage style bridge and die-cast chrome machine heads. There are two finishes available: black or sunburst finish. The pack includes a GA-1065 10 watt guitar amp, cable, tuner, strap, 6 x picks, gig bag and tutor DVD for an RRP of around £150. The SX TC kit offers the same configuration for £149.

SX acoustic kits include gig bag, guitar strap, pitchpipe, picks and free DVD tutor.  Electro-acoustic kits also include a quality amp, cable and guitar stand. There are two available, the 3560 – SX D Model Acoustic Guitar Kit in natural finish for £77 and the 3570  SX Electro-Acoustic Guitar Kit with amp, cable and guitar stand for £166. It is available in a natural or black finish.

In addition, the Valencia classical guitar starter pack includes a Valencia guitar with laminated natural spruce top, in a smart fitted cover, with a footstool, string winder, pitchpipes and tutorial CD-ROM. It has everything needed to get playing. As well as full size, it comes in 3/4 and 1/2 sizes for younger players with prices at £76, £69.50 and £65 respectively.



EMC 01937 841122

Discovery Classicals are available in a variety of sizes – 1/2 size (£59), ¾ size (£69) and full size (£79) classical guitar packs in Natural, Blue, Black, Purple and Red finishes. All have spruce tops, basswood back and sides and all gloss finishes. They come with a road safety gig bag, Tanglewood picks and tutorial DVD.

Discovery acoustics are available in a number of shapes - Dreadnought, Folk, Super Folk Cutaway and Super Jumbo. Dreadnoughts (£139)  have a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge and board, in Natural Gloss. The

Folk shape (£139) is the same but also available in Tobacco Sunburst and Red Gloss finishes.

Super Folk (£189) is also spruce and comes in Natural, Black, Pearl White, Purple and Antique Violin Burst. Lastly, Super Jumbo is the same, but in Natural, Transparent Black & Tobacco Sunburst Gloss Finishes.  All models come with Tanglewood Picks, Tanglewood Strap, Road Safety Gig Bag and tutorial DVD.



The Music Force 01780 781630

The Ashton SPD25 Acoustic Guitar Pack (also available as an Electro Acoustic Version) comes in a matt or gloss finish with features that include a built in tuner, nylon gig bag, strap, strings and also free online lessons. The SPD25 is £135 and it is £171 for the electro acoustic Version




Eko’s Ranger 6 Kit retails for around £109.95 and is available in Natural, Black Blue Burst and Brown Burst.

The kit includes a padded gig bag with two shoulder straps, electronic tuner, picks and strap button. A Black version is available at £115.95.



Sutherland 02920 887333

Sutherland is offering both electric, acoustic and classical packs under the Cruzer, Countryman and Ashland brand names.

The Cruzer Electric Guitar Pack (ST-80) includes a guitar (with three single coil pickups) in either Red or Black, gig bag, strap, CR10T amp with drive distortion, three plectrums, cable and pitch pipes for £169.99.

Countryman acoustic guitar pack has an acoustic Dreadnought steel-strung guitar in either Natural, Black, Blueburst or Sunburst, with a gig bag, steel string pack, strap and pitch pipe for around £79.99.  Lastly, the Ashland Classical Guitar Pack consists of a classical guitar in Pumpkin finish, gig bag, nylon string pack, and pitch pipe for £67.99.



01279 828960

Alfred has starter packs under a number of different brands – Daisy Rock, Complete Idiot’s Guide and Alfred.

There are four Daisy Rock packs, all aimed at the female market. The Rock Candy Electric Guitar pack is £299.95 and includes an Atomic Pink guitar, gig bag, tuner, strap, picks, string winder, polishing cloth, 10-watt amp and Alfred’s Girl’s Guitar Method DVD. Acoustic packs include the Junior Miss Acoustic Short Scale pack in three colours (Bubble Gum, Popsicle Purple and Cotton Candy Blue) for £149.95 with a tuner, picks and strap.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning Acoustic Guitar pack is £99.95 and features a full-size Firebrand steel-string guitar, gig bag, picks and Idiot’s Guide CD-ROM.

Alfred’s Kids Guitar Course pack has a ¾ Firebrand steel-string with gig bag, tuner, picks, plus tuition book with CD and DVD for £99.95.

There is also a Teach Yourself Guitar Complete Electric Pack with 10-watt amp, gig bag, tuner, picks, string winder, cloth and instructional book, CD and DVD. Lastly, the Teach Yourself Guitar Complete Acoustic Pack includes all of the above but with an acoustic guitar.




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